Successful hitting is about consistency


Successful hitting is about consistency and timing!  Consistency results from repetition with good fundamentals.  Repetition by itself is not good enough and good fundamentals without repetition is not enough.

Without enough repetition, you won’t maintain strong fundamentals.  If your fundamentals are constantly changing, you will never learn proper muscle memory.  If your swing is constantly changing, you will never develop good timing.  If you don’t develop good timing, you won’t hit successfully.

We at Re-Peat Sports developed the Re-Grip as a piece of the puzzle to achieve successful hitting; to help an often over looked aspect of a players consistency.  When you hold a bat with different grips, it changes your swing mechanics and your stance.  Try it; put a bat in your hand, line up your “knocking knuckles,” then go to a “box grip;” you will feel your arms and elbows change.  That change alters your swing mechanics and creates inconsistency from start to finish.

We recommend use of the Re-Grip in either the “knocking knuckles” or near “knocking knuckles” grip because that is how your hands should be aligned at contact.  Watch Major League players, no matter what grip type they use, at contact they are at or near “knocking knuckles.”  If they don’t start in the “knocking knuckles” position, their hands move naturally from a starting grip into proper alignment prior to contact.

Major League Baseball players are also exceptional athletes and have unbelievable coordination and bat control that can dynamically get into a consistent contact point while in motion. Youth players do not have this kind of athleticism or bat control.  If a young player starts out with a box grip, that is what they are likely going to have at contact, resulting in their wrists rolling over prior to contact. Wrists rolling over prior to contact results in topping off the ball and a drastic reduction of power, as that is the start of deceleration of the swing.  Wrist roll should occur after contact with the ball.

The Re-Grip helps create a consistent swing plane and contact point by re-enforcing a consistent start and finish to your hands through your swing. Our product eliminates pre-contact wrist roll by consistently putting the players hands in a proper position at contact.  This consistency helps proper muscle memory with leads to better timing, and ultimately more successful hitting!

– Tim Akin, Co-founder President of Re-Peat Sports


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