Do a Little a lot!


I heard a saying once that changed the way I coach and wish someone would have taught me as a player, “Do a little a lot, not a lot a little”. Let that sink in a little.

This phrase can do wonders for someone’s work ethic and effectiveness. Believe it or not, there is such thing as too many repetitions! There is a point when work becomes counterproductive, resulting in forming bad habits rather than re-enforcing proper ones.

The purpose of practice and repetition is to create or re-inforce proper muscle memory. Going out and hitting buckets of balls until you cannot feel your hands and arms can ultimately create bad habits. Athletes naturally get tired and when you are too tired, you no longer have complete control of your body. Once you have reached that threshold you are now creating new, bad, muscle memory.

As a player I was taught, reps, reps, reps! Looking back, I now realize the negative habits that were formed during these exhaustive marathon sessions. It also took the enjoyment out of practice and reinforced bad work habits both on and off the field.

Playing a sport should be enjoyable. Instead of going out and practicing a day or two per week for hours on end, spread out your work during the week into shorter sessions. Go out 4-5 days a week and work for 15-30 minutes at a time. Your energy is better, your attitude is better and you will see quickly splitting up your time instead of doing marathon sessions is better for your fundamentals.

Go out and “Do a little a lot, not a lot a little.”

Tim Akin, Co-Founder President Re-Peat Sports


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